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  • In-Press serviceability:
    Molding surface components, Valve-gate assemblies and hot manifold components can be removed, serviced and re-installed without removing the mold from the machine. This simple feature can prevent hundreds of downtime hours per year.
  • High-Caliber Mold Steel:
    We use only the best mold steel available. Molding surface components are made of ASSAB steel, hardened and ground to 45 Rockwell “C”; in addition, all cooling channels are electro-less nickel plated to prevent corrosion.
  • Jig-Ground Critical Alignment Diameters:
    To achieve concentricity between core and cavity mold halves, final mold base bore diameters are jig-ground. Preform mold cavities, nozzle housings and nozzles are also located by the same jig-ground bore diameters in the mold bases. This alignment ensures concentric material distribution from the nozzle into the injection cavity resulting in less leverage on the cores during injection; therefore, more accurate control of preform wall thickness variation.
  • One-Piece Cavities:
    One-piece cavities eliminate parting line coolant leaks, eliminate nozzle gate inserts, and allow for water cooling channels to be profiles to the shape of the preform. Profiles cooling channels facilitate efficient heat transfer from the preform spherical radius and gate area to minimize crystallinity.
  • Valve-Actuated Mold Gate Cylinders:
    Pneumatic valve-gate cylinders are retained in water cooled mold plate, completely isolated from the extreme heat of the hot manifold and the valve-gate cylinder resin residue can be discharged in a non-critical area. This feature prevents direct heat transfer from the hot manifold to the cylinder walls, premature seal and cylinder wear, and piston seizure due to resin discharge.
  • Cam Slide-Eject Actuation:
    Thread split assembles are actuated by our patented energy absorbing cam track system. This feature protects against mold damage in the event of slide closure on the preforms by absorbing the transmitted energy through the closing cams. The design also provides greater flexibility in molding applications by compensating for variations in preform ejection velocities from machine to machine and providing positive controlled-cam actuation for preform sizes.
  • Spiral-Flow Core Cooling:
    Copper spiral cooling tubes provide concentric alignment with core cooling channels for uniform preform cooling and raise the turbulent flow rate to increase the heat transfer coefficient, resulting in greater cooling efficiency and minimized cycle times.
  • Component Interchangeability:
    Our design standardization provides maximum application flexibility and rapid changeovers.
    6 Cavities Preform Mold 24 Cavities Preform Mold
    8 Cavities Preform Mold 32 Cavities Preform Mold
  • Mould platen steel: P20 with HRC30-32
  • Core & Cavity and Neck ring steel: S136 Swedish ASSAB high grade with heat treatment HRC 45--50
  • Preform mould with valve gate hot runner system.
  • Preform wall thickness variation ±0.05mm (Mostly depend on the length of preform)
  • Machining tolerance standards: 0.005mm
  • Injection molds for Preform: which used in Packages, Water bottles production, with various sizes from PET Material. 
  • The mold price and drawings will be based on the sample product must be provided by the client. 
  • The above specifications dimensions & design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.
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